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How House of the Dragon changed Mysaria from Fire & Blood

Mysaria the White Worm

Mysaria, played by Sonoya Mizuno, is a dancer and an ex-slave from Lys, and a paramour of Daemon Targaryen in the book Fire & Blood. By the end of House of the Dragon season one, she is a force to be reckoned with. The book makes her to be The Mistress of Whisperers, also known as Lady Misery or The White Worm. She is a part of the main cast on the show, and the actress has already said that her character “will veer far from the books.” Her actress describes her, saying, “It felt like she was going on a journey of understanding who she was and what she wanted in her life, and making mistakes. There was something very human about her journey.” Here are all the ways on-screen Mysaria has changed from the book so far.


Her Appearance

Mysaria and Daemon illustration

A rendition of Daemon and Mysaria, according to the book.

In the book, Mysaria was described as having pale silver hair and skin “as pale as milk.” Her Valyrian appearance can be credited to her origins in Lys. Being a part of the Valyrian Freehold, Valyrians frequented Lys and fathered many bastard children with the Lysene slaves. Her moniker, “The White Worm,” can be attributed to her pale features. The show has given her a new appearance: long black hair and tan skin. Instead of her appearance, the show regularly dresses her in whites and greys, which can be the new reason behind her sobriquet.

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Her Accent

Mysaria the White Worm

The book never specified Lady Misery as having an accent as thick as the one she has on the show. Although it took book readers by surprise, there might be a logical explanation for it. Growing up as an enslaved person in Lys, she might not have learned Westerosi or ‘the common tongue’ until she arrived here. Lys is a western Essosi city where people speak a dialect of Valyrian. The city is known for its pleasure houses, said to train the finest “bed-slaves” in the world. This kind of environment might see a mingling of various accents and people from all over the map. Hence giving Mysaria her distinct accent.

Her Pregnancy

Mysaria and Daemon

Although the show makes her pregnancy another one of Daemon’s lies, she was pregnant in the book. While living with him at Dragonstone around 105 AC, she became pregnant with his child. In the books, Viserys ordered her to return to the Free Cities after Daemon planned to marry her and stole a dragon egg for their child’s sake. Sadly, she lost her child when a storm hit her ship on the way to the Free Cities. In season 1, episode 2 of House of the Dragon, Mysaria only comes to know of Daemon’s lies when the King sends for his men to get the egg back.

In the second half of the season, Mysaria is barely ever seen around Daemon Targaryen again, instead establishing her name in the Seven Kingdoms. Fire & Blood depicts her as one of the cruelest characters during Dance of the Dragons. But perhaps the show will try to make her more humane and relatable since Sonoya Mizuno says, “It felt very relatable in terms of being a woman in her 20s and 30s and learning what you want and not pleasing other people and realizing where your power truly lies rather than where you thought it lies when you were 22. Those feelings and experiences that we go through are so human, it doesn’t matter where it is — what type of planet, what era, or what have you. They’re so human, and they don’t really go away.”

How much of her character will remain faithful to the book is up for debate. But either way, she will be essential in the grand scheme of things. Share your thoughts on our discord server.

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