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Who is Crabfeeder aka Craghas Drahar?

Crabfeeder aka Craghas Drahar in House of the Dragon episode 2

Crabfeeder is the name on everyone’s lips after the release of episode 2 of House of the Dragon. He was also mentioned in passing in episode 1, but now we see he will play quite a role this season. But who is he? And what do we know about him so far?


Who is Crabfeeder?


Crabfeeder in action

His real name is Craghas Drahar, and he is actually a Myrish prince in the books. He belongs to the Triarchy, which is the alliance of Lyr, Myr, and Tyrosh Corlys Velaryon mentioned in episode 1. He captured Stepstones from the pirates and tortured them in such unique ways that he was named ‘Craghas Crabfeeder.’

The Triarchy poses a threat to the Seven Kingdoms by trying to take over the Stepstones. Corlys Velaryon has voiced several times in this episode that they can not lose the Stepstones. The Stepstones are a group of islands connecting Dorne to the Disputed Lands in Essos. Losing control over them will weaken Corlys’ profits and endanger the Seven Kingdoms.

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What is the Crabfeeder’s role in the books?

Pirate killed by Crabfeeder

Pirate tortured by Craghas Drahar

Craghas Drahar led the Triarchy’s armies and fleets to the Stepstones and conquered them from the pirates. He then staked out the pirates on the beaches to die in the rising tide and be fed on by crabs, thus earning the name Crabfeeder. Towards the end of episode 2, we see Corlys partnering with Daemon Targaryen to take Stepstones under their control.

Corlys needs the Stepstones freed because Craghas takes a fee from every ship that passes through the islands, violently if required. Daemon needs to prove his glory and claim to the Iron Throne, which leads us to the War of the Stepstones. This war will help both Corlys and Daemon rise even higher in power.

The book depicts a 9-year-long battle between the forces of Daemon and Corlys and the Triarchy led by the Crabfeeder. Daemon beheads the Crabfeeder with his Valeryian steel longsword, Dark Sister, during one of the battles. After staying on the islands for a few more years to secure them, Daemon leaves and later marries Corlys’ daughter.

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What can we expect from Crabfeeder aka Craghas Drahar in House of the Dragon?

Daemon and Rhaenyra

Daemon and an adult Rhaenyra

So far, the show has followed the books much to George R. R. Martin’s pleasure. King Viserys I doesn’t let his forces partake in this war to maintain the peace. We can expect bloody battles as the forces from the west fight Crabfeeder resulting in losses on both sides. Since the show depicts the time before, during, and after Dance of the Dragons, this war is just the beginning.

Ultimately, Crabfeeder’s role in the grand scheme of things is to bring Daemon and Corlys closer. Now that we know the King marries Alicent Hightower, Rhaenyra’s claim to the throne can be challenged since King Viserys has a son with Alicent, Aegon II. It is confirmed the show will take a time jump, and Rhaenyra will have to rally her forces to ensure she inherits the throne. By marrying Laena Velaryon, Daemon and the Velaryons stand with Rhaenyra against Aegon II, backed by his queen mother.

It’s highly unlikely that Crabfeeder will survive this season because we need the House Velaryon strong for Rhaenyra’s future. This will not be possible if Crabfeeder still has the Stepstones in control. But his actions are surely not insignificant and will help drive the plot forward.

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