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7 details you might have missed in House Of The Dragon episode 2

House of The Dragon’s second episode is finally here, and Game of Thrones fans all over the world are reliving a sort of nostalgia along with a touch of freshness looking at their TV screens. The world of Westeros brings back with it all the memories of kings, knights, queens, courts, and everything that comes with royal possession. While we witness the renewed quest to sit on the infamous Iron Throne and make new memories, it is our job here to make sure you don’t miss anything important during your watch. So here’s a list of seven details that you might have missed in House of The Dragon Episode 2.


SPOILER ALERT: This episode has major spoilers for the House of the Dragon Episode 2. Proceed at your own risk.

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Episode 2 begins six months after the events of the series premiere

Viserys aemma

House of The Dragon will span a period of over two decades, and sometimes timeslips are necessary to tell a really long story. The second episode jumps to 6 months after the death of Queen Aemma Arryn, which was one of the most moving moments from the premiere. It was confirmed several times during the episode, for example, when Princess Rhaenyra mentions it to her friend Alicent Hightower, Lord Corlys Velaryon talks about it to King Viserys during the small council, and the King himself mentions it to Rhaenyra while they are having dinner in his chamber.

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War of The Stepstones is coming


Stepstones is repeatedly namedropped in the second episode of House of The Dragon. The Stepstones are a chain of islands between the southern narrow sea and the northwestern Summer Sea. This area is infested by pirates who are a significant threat to merchants traveling by sea. Lord Corlys Velaryon is deeply troubled by his ships and men getting mauled by these Pirate Kings and their fleets repeatedly and is annoyed by the fact the King is taking no action against them.

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All the Houses from the Tourney

Rhaenyra chooses knights

All the Houses from the Tourney that was held in Episode 1 are present in the scene where Rhaenyra is tasked with choosing a knight for the Kingsguard. The first knight who is presented to the princess is from House Caron, an ancient ally to House Baratheon. They hold the title Lord of the Marches. The second one was House Mallister, one of the most prominent noble houses from the Riverlands. We also see the familiar banner of House Tarly. Ser Criston Cole also namedrops House Dondarrion, reminiscent of Berric Dondarrion from Game of Thrones.

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Sept of Faith of the Seven

Sept of Baelor

Rhaenyra follows Alicent to the Sept for a heart-to-heart talk. The Sept looks a bit different than it looked in Game of Thrones, because it is not the Great Sept of Baelor yet, which was built by Rhaenyra’s grandson Baelor the Blessed at the same location. While the older sept had 6 pillars, those pillars were replaced by 6 statues in Game of Thrones and also looked a lot grander in the original series. The Hightowers were ardent followers of the faith of the seven. Hence it makes sense for Alicent to take her best friend to the Sept of Baelor, a symbol of faith and hope for her family.

Dragonstone was a reflection of Capital city of Old Valyria

In the first episode, we see Viserys working on a stone model of some sort. He provides a brief explanation to Alicent in the second episode as to what it was. The stone model was a replica of the old Valyrian freehold, built by stone masons on his command. He also revealed that Dragonstone was built into the heart of a volcano, just like the capital city of Old Valyria, which was once populated by dragonlords. It makes sense as Dragonstone was a refuge for Targaryens and an ancestral seat of power for ages.

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Parallels with Game of Thrones

Just like the show’s premiere, the second episode drew a lot of inspiration from Game of Thrones. The intro itself has been left unchanged in terms of its music, and the entry of Rhaenyra on her Dragon Syrax reminds you of more ways than one of Daenerys and Drogon. Rhaenyra also has more parallels with Daenerys, saying she will establish a new order, like Daenerys says she’ll break the wheel. Otto Hightower ducking like Jon Snow is a callback to the scene when Daenerys flies over him at Dragonstone. It was definitely one of the most goosebumps-inducing scenes in the second episode.  We also see a cave when the camera pans to Dragonstone, which could well be the cave we see in Game of Thrones. Another connection to Thrones was Crabfeeder aka Craghas Drahar, wearing a broken Sons of the Harpy mask.

Velaryons are an older Valyrian race than Targaryens

During his conversation with Daemon Targaryen at the end of the episode, Corlys reveals more info about the lore of House Velaryon. Velaryons are an older race of people from Old Valyria, even older than the Targaryens themselves. It is one of the reasons why Corlys secretly resented King Viserys, and his jealousy only grew once his wife, Rhaenys, was denied the Iron Throne. It might also explain the difference in the colors of the skin.

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How many of these were you able to catch on your first watch? Tell us in the comments below!


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