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Jason Momoa slaps James Corden doing the TikTok tortilla challenge on The Late Late Show

Jason Momoa on the Late Night Show

James Corden took some time off this summer to travel to Italy, as seen in the footage from The Late Late Show. Late-night programming takes a break during the summer months, and Corden was no exception – he was on break for most of the summer. He didn’t spend all his time off with Jason Momoa, though.


The two decided to create a montage of summer memories set to I’m Walking on Sunshine. The song captures the carefree spirit of summer perfectly – unless you’re a huge Futurama fan, in which case it might make you feel a little nostalgic.

During the “Tortilla Slap Challenge,” Momoa won and slapped James with a tortilla.

Check out the video here:

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Corden and Momoa, like many other celebrities and influencers, have been busy this summer doing things like road tripping and visiting Italy. However, unlike most people who go to Italy, they chose to visit Pisa instead of the Amalfi Coast.

Pirate-themed costumes and See on Apple TV+ references aside, it’s unclear where Jimmy Kimmel is or what he’s up to. Hollywood is running out of people to guest host in his stead. Someone should check the Amalfi Coast!

Let us know what you think about James and Jason’s The Late Late Show montage in the comment section.

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