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Top five moments from House of the Dragon Episode 3

laenor velaryon dragon seasmoke

House of the Dragon episode 3 had a time jump of three years and also sped through a major war with lots of gory scenes we have come to expect from its predecessor. From dragons roasting folks to symbolism, here are our picks for the top 5 moments from this episode.


SPOILER ALERT: This post has major spoilers for House of the Dragon Episode 3. Proceed at your own risk.

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5. Viserys’ Dream

viserys and alicent

We see a drunk Viserys spill his emotions to his lady wife, Alicent Hightower, in front of the bonfire. He talks of a dream as vivid as the fire before them. In his dream, he saw his male heir wearing the crown of Aegon the Conqueror. This would mean his future male heir could be the prince that was promised in A Song of Ice and Fire. Viserys says he tried every way possible to see the dream again, but he couldn’t, meaning he isn’t actually one of the dreamers.

The people who have the blood of the dragon have the unique ability to see premonitions in their dreams. Viserys’ belief that his son would be the prince that was promised caused his obsession with a male heir, which caused Aemma Targaryen’s demise. We see he still carries the guilt and grief of his choices, even years later.

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4. Laenor and Seasmoke save the day

laenor velaryon dragon seasmoke

Episode three introduces a new dragon straight into the battlefield. Making a sneak attack with a dragon is hard, but the plan worked. Laenor Velaryon, atop his dragon, Seasmoke, burnt the archers and soldiers of Triarchy as the Velaryon soldiers hacked as many as possible to death. Seasmoke is the first dragon we see on screen with a non-Targaryen rider. He is a younger and nimbler dragon compared to Caraxes, Syrax, and Meleys.

Laenor Velaryon is the first rider of Seasmoke, and they have bonded deeply. Laenor considers Seasmoke his pride in the book, Fire and Blood. Since Seasmoke is smaller in size than other dragons, he will not be as active in war as Daemon and Rhaenyra’s dragons but will definitely come into play when needed.

Needless to say, The War for the Stepstones couldn’t have been won this quickly without dragon ammunition.

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3. Daemon vs. The Triarchy

daemon targaryen episode 3

Daemon, fuelled by the need to show he could win the war without his brother’s help, became the bait as he pretended to surrender to Crabfeeder and his forces. But we know the Rogue Prince is not the one to go down without a fight. We see Daemon slash through the enemy forces with his valerian steel sword, Dark Sister.

Unforgettably, he did all this while avoiding the barrage of arrows from the archers perched on the hill. Daemon Targaryen is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield as he goes after Craghas, with a couple of arrows piercing his armor. Daemon secured the victory for his side as we see him drag half of Crabfeeder’s body and leave him on the shore, a very fitting death.

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2. Rhaenyra kills the boar and encounters the White Hart

rhaenyra white hart

The boar might remind Game of Thrones viewers of when a boar mortally injured the drunk Robert Baratheon at his own hunting party. But Rhaenyra is the one who delivers the killing stab to the boar with Ser Cristan Cole’s aid. While the King’s men search and search for the White Hart in Kingswood, to ultimately slay it, they instead find a common stag. The King’s men hold the helpless animal in place while the King “hunts” it but sloppily misses the mark and causes a much more agony-filled death to the animal.

Rhaenyra is the one to encounter the White Hart in the glow of the morning. She doesn’t allow Ser Cristan to harm the majestic animal. Ser Otto insists to the King that the sighting of the White Hart signifies Aegon II’s divine right to the throne since White Hart stags were the most royal creatures in Westeros before dragons.

If we are to believe this, Rhaenyra was the one blessed with the sighting and, thus, the one worthy of the throne. But even if she slayed the royal creature, the councilmen still would not want her to ascend the throne.

1. Caraxes in action

caraxes episode 3

The episode opens with a bang. Daemon in full armor atop the mighty Caraxes as they deliver insane firepower to the enemy lines. Daemon is bloodthirsty for Crabfeeder, who knows he doesn’t stand a chance against dragons. We see Crabfeeder not leave his station even as his men burn and Daemon calls out for him. The dragon descends on a poor lad from Daemon’s company and crushes him under his foot. Caraxes causes chaos in his wake as he is neither a young dragon nor a small one. His tail swishes and smashes several stakes and men along with it. The dragon also raises his gigantic wings to shield his master from the onslaught of arrows.

Caraxes tries to send as much fire into the cave where the Triarchy’s men are hiding, but the flames only go so far. With his size, there is no way for the dragon to delve further into the cave. After all, even dragons have their limits. Caraxes is brutal and a warrior dragon just like Daemon, and it will also be amazing to see them again in action in the coming wars.

We see the bond between the dragons and their riders much more closely in this episode and it was a delight to watch. The seventeen dragons in the series are expected to have different personalities and characteristics, just like their riders. What was your favorite moment from the episode? Let us know in the comments.

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